Bash Vulnerability Information

Information regarding the current BASH vulnerability and what is being done about it can be found in our Support section located HERE.

Support and Troubleshooting

Barracuda Spam Firewall
This is a machine that is used in conjunction with our mailservers to protect you, as our customer, from spam emails and potentially harmful or virus filled messages. This firewall constantly monitors all messages that come in to our mailserver. It then filters out the bad messages and tags them as spam. The messages may still reach your mail program, but often times will be automatically sent to the junk mail folder in your inbox.

What are the "Virus In Mail To You" emails?
This is just a notification sent by our Barracuda filter to notify you that a message was sent to your email address that contained a harmful or malicious file. This is often times a virus. The message is sent to allow you to view where the message was sent from and see if it was a random message or infact from an email address you know. No action needs to be taken, it is simply a notification.
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